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El Rosicler
release concert

On Thursday the 17th of November Tineke Roseboom will present her debut CD El Rosicler with a special concert in the “Oude Kerk” in Bennekom. During this concert you will get a chance to hear the works of her CD performed live. The wonderful musicians of the Luthers Bach Ensemble will accompany her, just like they did on the CD.

El Rosicler: sunrise
The title of the CD is El Rosicler, which means sunrise in Spanish. El Rosicler includes well known works by G.F. Händel, such as Lascia ch’io pianga and Ombra mai fu. In addition to these works she added unknown Spanish contemporaries. These works are not often played in concerts – unfair according to Tineke. That is why she chose to record these works on one CD. One of the Spanish works is the cantata ¡O, quien pudiera alcanzar!, where El Rosicler occurs in one of the aria’s.

This concert guarantees a moving and musical evening!


Tineke brings her music for years during live concerts, but is now ready for the next step: her debut CD. This takes them artworks by the composer George Frideric Handel. Many of his works are world famous and loved most profoundly. On the other hand, put them on the same cd works of his Spanish contemporaries. Composers who are ónbekend correct, and thus maybe unloved. Tineke would like to change: by them together on one cd.

You help?
The cd is hopefully the beginning of October, together with the Lutheran Bach Ensemble. ‘ Hopefully ‘, for which much money required. They can use your support. This can be done by the cd pre-order, but also by an additional donation. There is of course also something opposite: an autographed cd, maps for the presentation concert or singing lessons. You help to release the debut CD El Rosicler? You can lend a hand by her cd pre-order via voordekunst.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Blaues Sternlein Tineke Roseboom & Erik Onnink 2:03