Tineke Roseboom



Edese Culture Award 2017

Edese Culture Award 2017

She is young and already conquering the stages. Her voice is described as Crystal clear, Moving and Irresistibly overflowing with drama. You can find her on Spotify, Radio4 and the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam but also in the Oude Kerk (Old Church) in Bennekom. You can hear her voice singing Bach but also Hollywood-movies. The winner of the Edese Culture Award 2017 is… Soprano Tineke Roseboom!

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‘Crystal clear’, ‘Moving’ and ‘Irresistibly overflowing with drama’. This is how the soprano Tineke Roseboom can be described.

El Rosicler
short audio selection

  1. Blaues Sternlein Tineke Roseboom & Erik Onnink 2:03